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Our three story restaurant with its three seperate sections is located right across Istanbul’s historical icon, the Fener Ferryboat Port. Our restaurant is one of the oldest in the area with a magnificant view of Golden Horn’s Green-Blue Sea. Our restaurants terrace also has a great view of the Fener Greek Patriarchate.

Located on the shoreside, our restaurant is 10 minutes to Taksim and 5 minutes to Eminönü where you can easily catch a ride by either the bus or the minibus. The ferryboat ride from Üsküdar to Fener that also stops at both Eminönü and Kasımpaşa, is a 30 minute ride.

If you are looking to end a good night of fun at a high quality işkembe saloon, our first class restaurant with its quality personnel and reasonable prices is open 24/7 to serve our customers.




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